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April 14, 2009 at 1:03 AM 1 comment

One of the best parts of my job, in my personal opinion, is getting to view through all of the user submitted videos. Who else gets to say, “I watched dancing birds, cute puppies and kittens, majestic horses and cuddly critters today at work.” I decided that I would share some of my favorite videos with you.

Video 1 – Milo Wacks the Camera!
Milo is one of the kitty members of Club Cat. This was one of his first videos on CatChannel, but it is definitely one worth watching.

Video 2 – Bearded Dragon Ridin’ Dirty
OK, I don’t normally listen to rap songs, but this video had me cracking up!

Video 3 – An Extraordinary Cockatiel
This is a great video of how intelligent cockatiels are. My favorite part is when Sunny starts making a falling noise and then ends it with “Spat! Dead Budgie.” Not that I wish for any budgie to die, but it’s just really funny. I also love the commentary from Sunny’s owners.

Video 4 – Cody’s Backyard Video
This is a great video of a dog practicing agility events. I really enjoy watching agility events on TV.

Video 5 – An Adorable Baby Horse
I think that title says it all. Who cannot resist photos and video of a baby horse?

Video 6 – An Unexpected Ferret Toy
I love ferrets. I wish that it was legal in the state of California to own one because I certainly would. This is a cute little video of a ferret playing with something not exactly made for ferrets.

Inside the AnimalNetwork Community – Monday, April 13, 2009

Barkin’ Back from DogChannel
If you haven’t heard, the First Dog, Bo a Portuguese Water Dog puppy, has found a new home in the White House with President Obama and the First Family. Allan Reznik, the Editor-at-Large for Dog World and Dog Fancy magazines, and Editor-in-Chief for Dogs in Review magazine, commended the First Family for steering clear of ‘Designer Dog’ and offers a congratulations to the Obama family in his blog.

An Internet-based Florida business is being sued for allegedly misleading customers to believe that the proceeds from sales of a Michael Vick-themed dog chew toy would go to local animal welfare groups. A lawsuit was filed against the company by Florida’s attorney general claiming that it never made any of the donations to animal welfare organizations.

The Cat’s Meow from CatChannel
Some food banks in the United States are starting programs to help assist the demand for pet food that has grown from 100 pounds a week to 500 pounds a week. These programs to help pets are hoping to help prevent animals from being brought into a shelter system because their owners could no longer afford to feed and care for them.

CatChannel behavior expert Marilyn Krieger discusses how to help ease a cat’s fear of having its claws trimmed. Marilyn talks about how counter-conditioning will help to change a cat’s negative claw-trimming experience into a more positive experience.

From the Flock at BirdChannel
The American Federation of Aviculture Inc. (AFA), the Avicultural Society of America (ASA) and the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) are working to get the word out to animal enthusiasts that if the Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act (H.R. 669) passes most nonnative animal species in the United States would be banned.

BirdChannel blogger and bird owner, Linda Costello, shares her experiences in how hard it was to consider to go on vacation. She’s just getting back now, but she definitely shared how difficult it had been for her while her and her husband as their “We’re off to Florida!” date approached.

In the Herp World at ReptileChannel
Russ Case gives you an inside view of what it’s like to be the editor of Reptiles magazine. Here’s a hint, it’s not just about getting to read through articles and check out great photos of reptiles.

If you’re a coin collector and a reptile enthusiast you might be interested in getting your hands on the January 2009 Reptiles magazine article “Herps Craved & Engraved.” The supplement to the article on ReptileChannel “How to Appraise and Protect Herp Coins” gives you a great reference guide on how to find valuable coins.

Out At Sea from FishChannel
Ethan Mizer, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium senior associate editor, shares his views on a recent study published online in Geophysical Research Letters by researchers at the Carnegie Institution and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This study used data from over 9,000 locations to show that sea water acidity will increase as more carbon is adsorbed by the world’s oceans from the atmosphere.

FishChannel expert Jeremy Gosnell responds to the inquiry of “What’s the best way to feed your fish while you are away on vacation?”

Critter Chatter from SmallAnimalChannel
Ferrets magazine columnist, Bob Church, talks about how it helps to determine his ferrets’ future medical needs and estimating a budget for veterinary costs by doing a ferretory (or an annual examination of his ferrets’ mental and physical health).

SmallAnimalChannel blogger Catya shares her experience as a California Hamster Association (CHA) member at the pet expo. She talks about how not only does the CHA help educate and introduce the public to hamsters, but also about how the pet expo helps to bring CHA members from across the state together.

At The Stable from HorseChannel
In these tough economic times the University of Kentucky Horse Pasture Evaluation Program helps horse farms maximize pastures and minimize hay costs. A consultation through the program is showing some that a well-maintained pasture can help to reduce the amount spent on hay.

The North American Riders Group (NARG) has announced that it is now a fully incorporated organization and is currently awaiting for it’s 501c3 not for profit status application to be approved. The group was created to give representation to the viewpoints and interest of all North American riders, trainers and owners in equestrian sports.


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  • 1. Chris  |  April 14, 2009 at 3:44 PM

    Those are great videos. I loved the look on Milo’s face – looks very much like our Lola and she would do the same thing when her nap is disturbed.


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