Monday Pet Movies – Round 4

May 19, 2009 at 5:15 AM 1 comment

It’s Monday! And that means another round of entertaining, cute and precious pet movies for you. Check out my favorite pet videos for this week.

Video 1 – Ferret Kitchen Raid!
What’s lurking in your kitchen cupboards?

Video 2 – Gracie getting the paper
This loyal dog Gracie loves to get the morning paper for her owners every day!

Video 3 – Dance and Chew!
Grendel, an African grey parrot chews on a toy and then dances for the camera.

Video 4 – Pickles and Tango Playing in the Snow
These two horses make the best out of a snow day.

Video 5 – Maxx playing with his new toy
What’s cuter than a cat discovering the joys of a new toy

Video 6 – Red Eared Slider Home Tour
Check out Tammi’s, a red eared slider, digs.

Inside the AnimalNetwork Community – Monday, May 18, 2009

Barkin’ Back from DogChannel
Do you think you’re a puppy training guru? Find out if you really know the myths of training from the real training tips. Take DogChannel’s Puppy Training quiz.

Legislation recently introduced in Ohio, House Bill 70, seeks to increase the degree of offense for the prohibition against the cruel treatment of a companion animal by the animal’s custodian or caretaker to a felony of the fifth degree.

The Cat’s Meow from CatChannel
CatChannel behavior expert Marilyn Krieger, CCBC, offers advice on what to do when outside cats are triggering your indoor cats to spray and urinate outside of the litterbox.

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon answers the question “Is it safe for my cat to go into my garden?”

From the Flock at BirdChannel
Even parrots need some down time or peaceful sleep time. You can download BirdChannels “Do Not Distrub” sign for your parrot’s cage or bird room so let others know that your bird needs some privacy.

In her latest blog entry “Bird Knowledge By Proxy” Bird Talk magazine editor, Laura Doering, talks about how her coworkers outside the editorial department are learning about pet birds and are possibly bird experts in training.

In the Herp World at ReptileChannel
Margaret A. Wissman, DVM, DABVP, gives insight on why a snake is aggressive after feeding.

In today’s blog entry Reptiles magazine editor, Russ Case, gives an introduction to Raymond Ditmars. Ditmars was one of the early pioneers and is a classic figure in the world of herpetology.

Out At Sea from FishChannel
Jeremy Gosnell, FishChannel fish expert, answers questions concerning if marine aquariums are impacting coral reefs, including “Is the marine aquarium hobby responsible for ruining coral reefs?”

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine editor, Clay Jackson, ponders if goldfish are the World’s Most Indestructible Aquarium Fish in his latest blog entry on FishChannel.

Critter Chatter from SmallAnimalChannel
SmallAnimalChannel chinchilla expert, Marty Hull, gives insight to an owner that wants to know if it’s normal for a chinchilla to chew a lot or if she ought to be worried about a medical issue or boredom.

Recipients for the Oxbow Animal Health 2009 Academic Scholarships in veterinary fields have been revealed. Oxbow Animal Health has awarded five scholarships each year, since 2007, to outstanding individuals pursuing education in the exotic and companion animal veterinary fields.

At The Stable from HorseChannel
Would you like to make your hunter look like a national champion? Use HorseChannel’s step-by-step mane braiding guide to get the look.

HorseChannel brings you information about Strangles, on behalf of the Equine Research Coordination Group. Strangles is a highly contagious disease that causes an infected horse to have swollen and painful lymph nodes. This can block a horse’s airway and can cause difficulty in breathing.


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