Funny Pet Flick – Ode To The Treadmill

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Normally I leave you a potpourri of AnimalNetwork videos on Monday, however today I came across two great videos with a cat named Maxx. And as soon as you see these videos I guarantee that you will understand why Maxx deserved to be in the spotlight today.

In this video Maxx checks out and plays with the treadmill while doggie Daisy Mae tries to get some exercise. Watch it here.

In this video Maxx gives the treadmill a spin. Watch it here.

Inside the AnimalNetwork Community – Monday, June 08, 2009

Barkin’ Back from DogChannel
June is here and that means the beginning of hurricane season has officially started. Make sure that you and your family are prepared for the possibility of evacuation with pets in the chance of a hurricane hitting your town.

DogChannel groomer columnist Kathy Salzberg, NCMG, talks about how to gradually introduce a dog (that doesn’t really like baths) to regular bathing and grooming.

The Cat’s Meow from CatChannel

CatChannel behavior expert Marilyn Krieger, CCBC, talks about cat tail movements as a mood indicator and how to decode the message.

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon offers some tips and advice for the question “How can I stop my cat from sneaking food from the table?

From the Flock at BirdChannel
Do you own an African grey parrot? Bird Talk magazine wants to know some of the quirky things that your African grey does. For a chance at being quotes in Bird Talk magazine visit the BirdChannel Forum.

Margaret A. Wissman, DVM, Dip. ABVP – Avian Practice, shares some information about how the mess in your bird’s cage could be affecting your bird’s health. So how clean is your bird’s cage?

In the Herp World at ReptileChannel
An amphibian enthusiast shares in the secrets of success in breeding frogs with a frog microhabitat.

Russ Case, Reptiles magazine editor, lets the beans out of the bag about a new upcoming magazine contest in his latest blog entry “Reptile Costume Contest Preview.”

Out At Sea from FishChannel
If you have a reef tank then be sure to download FishChannel’s Reef Tank Maintenance Schedule each month to help keep track all of your daily, weekly and monthly reef tank maintenance tasks.

David A. Lass, fish expert on FishChannel, gives you the cardinal rule when it comes to feeding your aquarium fish and others tips to help avoid overfeeding your fish.

Critter Chatter from SmallAnimalChannel
Grayson, a rescued shelter ferret shares his story from a life of misery to a life of love.

Do you know what is in the basic sugar glider diet? SmallAnimalChannel offers you a guide that includes a well-balanced diet and a list of healthy treats for sugar gliders.

At The Stable from HorseChannel
Cindy Hale, HorseChannel blogger, talks about her horse’s acute sense of hearing as well as her own in her latest blog entry “Can You Ear Me Now?

Do you know how to break in a new saddle? In today’s times there are traditional approaches as well as new technology. Check them all out at HorseChannel.


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