Parrots and Rabbits at the Oakland Zoo

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This past Tuesday I went with my son on his fieldtrip to the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, California. It had been years since I had been there myself and quite a lot of it had changed. One of my favorite exhibits there was the bug house. I’m not a fan of ants and bugs in my house, but being able to see them working and lounging around in their own was pretty neat. Considering I used to be on the BirdChannel and SmallAnimalChannel team I have a soft spot in my heart for parrots and small critters. The zoo had an exhibit for rabbits to hop around and play in the grass. I had to snap some photos of the parrots and rabbits. I hope that you enjoy them!

Blue-and Gold macaw

A blue-and-gold macaw chews away at a branch.

This rabbit was lounging and grazing on grass.

This rabbit was lounging and grazing on grass.

Inside the AnimalNetwork Community – Friday, June 12, 2009

Barkin’ Back from DogChannel
California Veterinary Medical Association offers tips to make your puppy’s first vet visit a pleasant experience. Find out how to prepare your puppy for his first vet visit at DogChannel.

FetchDog, an online retailer of dog products in Maine, is working to help injured American veterans with the launch of a new dog toy called the Chewy Shoe. A portion of the proceeds from the Chewy Shoe will go to Dog Tags: Service Dogs for Those Who’ve Served Us, a program that provides service dogs for disabled veterans who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Cat’s Meow from CatChannel
Suzanne Stowe, CatChannel blogger, shares about her experience in taking her Siamese cat for an audition and a chance at stardom in Los Angeles in her latest blog entry “Baby’s Hollywood Moment.”

CatChannel behavior expert Marilyn Krieger, CCBC, answers the question “Why Is My Cat Guarding His Food?

From the Flock at BirdChannel
Do you have a high-energy bird like a lorikeet or caique? Try playing one of these fun games to help your bird burn off some of that energy. Check out BirdChannel’s suggestions of games and activities for high-energy parrots.

Linda Costello, BirdChannel blogger, shares a video and her experience in bathing larger parrots, like macaws and cockatoos, in her latest blog entry “Birdie Bath Time.”

In the Herp World at ReptileChannel
Russ Case, Reptiles magazine editor, gives you an inside view of planning an issue of the magazine. Find out more about the dilemma of deciding upon article topics in his latest blog entry “Bearded Dragon Vs. the Thorny Devil.”

Margaret A. Wissman, DVM, DABVP, answers the question “How do you treat reptiles for infections and worms?

Out At Sea from FishChannel
If you enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together then you’re in luck! There are new photos available on the FishChannel Jigsaw Puzzles. Challenge the top score and put one together today.

The editors of Aquarium Fish International magazine have a list of equipment that you may find helpful for a fish breeding project. The equipment needed will depend on the species of fish being bred, and you may not need all of what is listed. But it is important to have the right equipment on hand. Be sure to check out the Fish Breeding Equipment Glossary on FishChannel.

Critter Chatter from SmallAnimalChannel
Catya, hamster owner and SmallAnimalChannel blogger, shares an experience with hamster Stapleton and how a lullaby helped soothe skittish behaviors in her latest blog entry “The Story of Stapleton The Hamster.”

Karen Rosenthal, DVM, DABVP, helps give advice to an owner’s whose ferret has been caught eating it’s corn litter.

At The Stable from HorseChannel
Do you know all there is to know about boots for both horses and their riders? Challenge your knowledge and take the HorseChannel quiz: All About Boots.

The American Vaulting Association is offering a series of “Introduction to Vaulting” summer day camps and clinics in the greater Kentucky area throughout July as part of an initiative to bring equestrian vaulting to the home of the World Equestrian Games 2010.


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