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April 24, 2009 at 11:19 PM 1 comment

A really great video came across my desk and I just had to share it with you. It’s not only cute, but it got me giggling. And after you watch it you too will know the answer to “How many cats and dogs does it take to play with this toy?”

Watch Sparky and his sister kitties play

Also, if you’ve been following the status of H.R. 669 then you should check out this update from after the hearing.

Inside the AnimalNetwork Community – Friday, April 24, 2009

Barkin’ Back from DogChannel
In the rough economic times that we’re experiencing vacations may seem like a dream. But DogChannel offers some creative ways to enjoy some affordable outings with your dog in your hometown (or another one near by). Make sure to check out the article to prepare for a great ‘Staycation’ with your dog.

The Sleepypod company, of Los Angeles, California, has updated the design of its Sleepypod and Sleepypod Mini pet carriers after testing the safety of the products in simulated automobile crashes. The company’s goal is to meet the same safety standards set for children’s car seats.

The Cat’s Meow from CatChannel
On Tuesday the House of Representatives passed a measure, The Great Cats and Rare Canids Act, which would provide greater protection for big cats like cheetahs and leopards. The measure now moves on to be heard by the Senate.

CatChannel wants to honor Mother’s Day with you by celebrating the bond cat “moms” have with their kitties. Be sure to send in your favorite picture of you with your cat, and tell us what you think is the best thing about being a mom to your cat. The deadline for photo submissions is Thursday, May 7, 2009.

From the Flock at BirdChannel
Before I started my position moderating the AnimalNetwork communities I was the Web Editor for BirdChannel and SmallAnimalChannel. One of the projects I was trying to get jump started was “My Bird’s Story” that spotlights one bird’s story. Well the team has pulled through and I’ve been very excited to read each new installment. This week you can read about a feisty African grey parrot that learned to be more compassionate toward a new owner.

Also, BirdChannel blogger, Linda Costello, is back from vacation. Hear all about her vacation highlights in her latest entry “We’re Back Home.”

In the Herp World at ReptileChannel
The Reptiles magazine editors educated people about reptiles at the America’s Family Pet Expo, and editor Russ Case blogs all about it in his latest entry “Ready for Reptiles” a Hit!

The deadline is just around the corner for the “Drawn To” Reptiles magazine amateur art contest. So finish up those sketches or get started on them because the winners will get to choose $50 worth of products from Zoo Med Laboratories ( And the winning artwork also will appear in the August 2009 issue of Reptiles magazine. The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2009. Find out more on how to enter at

Out At Sea from FishChannel
Fish expert Neale Monks, Ph.D. explains the importance of quarantining new fish to ensure they’re healthy before you add them to your current community of aquarium fish.

Find out more information about the basic types of aquarium light options for a planted aquarium.

Critter Chatter from SmallAnimalChannel
If you haven’t discovered it yet you should check out the Critter Corner on SmallAnimalChannel’s Fun and Fames page. Illustrator Jeremy Vickneswaran creates a new funny critter cartoon each month.

Ferret expert Mary Van Dahm helps offer answers to a potential ferret owner who has questions about litter training, furniture and odor problems with ferrets.

At The Stable from HorseChannel
Horse Illustrated senior associate editor Holly Werner gives you a first-hand account of each day’s events at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day event. The first day’s events focus on dressage.

Sometimes no matter how well you plan for a show things just seem to go wrong. HorseChannel sets up some possible show disasters, what to do when they happen and how to make the best of them.


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